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Things To Consider When Making A Sign 

Here's What I've Learned In 23 Years

   Here are some things to consider when planning for new signage or a wrap. Pricing of your project isn't as simple as you would think. Many variables go into getting you the right products for your needs. We don't give ball park figures for signs or wraps because we don't want to over or under estimate the cost. The best way is to use the list below and make some notes, then set an appointment to discuss your needs. We are more than happy to discuss your needs.

Budget - How much do you want to spend on the project
Longevity - How long do I want it to last
Readability - Is the sign going to contain full color graphics or
                  only 1 or 2 colors. How far away is the targeted audience.
 Enviroment - What do you want the sign mounted. If it's a vehicle,  how                          complicated is the are were it will be. If its freestanding on
                    a wall, what type of substrate do you want to use.
Artwork - Do you have your own digital artwork or will we have to create it.
Colors - What colors do you like or think would look good.

The more you know what you would like on your sign, the easier the process.

Here's The Science Of Vinyl

   Just like everything in this world, there are different qualities of materials. When gathering your estimates make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Ask for the type of vinyl and the manufacturer. Vinyl media has part numbers like everything else, so ask for that also. Most companies have multiple product lines for both calendered and cast films. They also produce different finishes such as glossy, matte, luster, and satin. Not all are produced in each line, but options can be found. Cast media is the king of conformity and longevity. They are great for vehicle wraps and long term signage. Calendered media comes in various cost option. They work best for shorter term signage and flat surfaces. I bet you can quess which one costs more, your right cast. Then you have the laminate. Used to preserve the color ink in digital prints, it also comes in both varieties and finishes. Matching up the laminate to the vinyl is important because of the way they are made. Rule of thumb, cast with cast and calendered with calendered. The only expection is cast laminate can be put on calendered media. It will allow in some applications longer life. I have include some videos below that explain how each are made. Any good signmaker can help you with the material that is right for your application. 


-2 mils thickness

- High Performance or Premium film

- stretchy and conformable

- 7+ year durability


-2.5 mils-4  mils thick

-Short term, Economy or intermediate films

- No-conformable and best suited for flat surfaces

- 3-6 year durability

   These are just some of the insights of making a sign or wrapping a vehicle. We have been doing it it for 23 years and have picked up a thing or two. We have attended wrap classes at RCR Racing and Cleveland and are still learning new tricks and techniques. At the end of last year we bought a new Roland TrueVIS 8 color printer and a heated laminator. We made sizeable changes our shop with a total remodeling and removal of a wall. 

    Don't trust your sign needs to just anyone, let the pros handle it! 

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